Gould Center Poster Printing Guidelines

The Department of Geography’s Gould Center will pay for the printing of a poster for a research presentation at a conference by geography students. See the guidelines below.


Bring your file in digital format to Angela Rogers, 313 Walker Building, at least one week before you need the poster in hand. Angela will work with you to have it printed through the Engineering Copy Center and will arrange billing directly to the Gould Center. Reimbursement is not available for posters that are printed by other means.

You are on your own when it’s a rush job, with less than one week before the poster is needed.



  • Posters supported are for presentation of your research at a conference where you are the poster presenter.
  • You may not use this funding for poster presentations for a course or other classroom materials.
  • Each student is allowed one poster printing per academic year.
  • M.S. students beyond their second year and Ph.D. students beyond their fourth year are not eligible for research poster funds.
  • If you have questions about the eligibility of a poster, check with Undergraduate Adviser Jodi Vender.


Formatting and design

Not sure how to start? download this Research Poster Template.pptx

Before you request printing, please confirm that your poster size and file format works with the Engineering Copy Center equipment. (Angela also can assist you with this planning).